Atos blocks integrate the electrohydraulic valves into properly machined manifolds with full assembling and hydraulic connections
The modular "meccano" conception of Atos valves allows to easy tailor the blocks to specific requirements and to simplify operation and service in field

Customized manifolds for clamping and injection controls by proportional valves with digital electronics and optional CANopen interface
Qmax = 1000 l/min
Pmax = 280 bar
Material: steel/cast-iron

Bending presses
TÜV certified blocks perform the blade control by servoproportional valves and integrate the safety devices for CE marking
Qmax = up to 100 l/min
Pmax = 315 bar
Material: steel

Boom lifts & cranes
Modular bancable valves, on/off and proportional, allow fine control of crane booms with optional hand levers for emergency operation
Qmax = up to 120 l/min
Pmax = up to 315 bar
Material: cast iron

Customized blocks co-designed with customers for best operation of the machine.
New ECP protection treatment ensures best corrosion resistance (>120h in salt spray)
Qmax = 240 l/min
Pmax = 270 bar
Material: aluminium/cast iron/steel