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electrohydraulics designer
for assisted selection of Atos
components codes
with up-to-date 2D & 3D
drawings and full technical data
DVTDVT catalog
same contents of
"Catalog on-line"
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Table code
hydraulic pumps

fixed displacement:vane, radial piston, gear
variable displacement:vane, axial piston, proportional control – multiple pumps – hand pumps - ATEX pumps
cylinders & servocylinders

square & round heads cylinders - servocylinders - special executions: ATEX, adjustable proximity sensors, stainless steel - attachments
conventional & modulars

pressure controls: screw-in, in line, subplate or flange mounting – flow & check controls valves, modular valves: pressure, flow, check valves - pressure switch
directional on-off controls

solenoid valves, spool & poppet type – special executions: safety, ex-proof, intrinsically safe, stainless steel – mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic operated
proportional valves

analog & digital control – pressure, directional, flow valves – servoproportionals proportional cartridges: pressure, throttle - ex-proof proportional controls
digital electronics

drivers for proportionals without/with integral transducer – integral or Eurocard – miscellaneous electronics – programming tools for digital proportionals
axis motion control

general information on axis motion controllers - integral, Eurocard - miscellaneous electronics - programming devices for digital proportionals
cartridge valves

general information – modular cartridge
valves: pressure, flow, directional controls, check function – on-off
active/safety cartridges
other components

subplates and accessories - supplementary components derived from standard versions - standard systems and power units

marketing documentation

articles & releases on applications - advertisements - quality plan - certifications

technical information

guidelines for design - installation & commissioning - formulae & graphs