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The new line of Atos digital electronic controls is designed and fully tested on advanced electrohydraulics applications, featuring:
  • efficient control of modern machines through associated Atos proportionals
  • modular flexible design, also on "integral-to-valve" versions
  • two different functions: drivers of proportional valves and/or axis motion controllers for high performance machines & systems
  • integration in fieldbus networks:
  • full & easy software programming and settings all the typical benefits of digital electronics: fast & powerful data processing, high immunity to electromagnetic noise, process parameters and data storage

Electronic drivers
Atos digital electronic drivers supply proportional valves with a proper PWM current to align the valve regulation to the reference signal

(1) also avaiable in stainless steel execution

Easy software programming
E-SW programming software allows the easy setting of the functional parameters of Atos new digital electronics, through standard RS232 or USB port. The software graphic interface is organized in pages and levels:

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Bias & scale setting
  • simply access all the functional parameters of Atos digital valves, drivers and controllers
  • numerically adapt the factory preset parameters to the application
  • verify the actual working conditions & quickly solve fault status
  • store the customized setting into the driver or into the PC database

Scale, bias & threshold