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Atos servoactuators perform the axis motion cycle with position closed-loop plus optional speed/pressure/force control.
They are smart machines' elements ready to use after piping to the hydraulic source and wiring to the electronic system.

servocylinder with position transducer
servoproportional valve DLHZO
integral digital controller Z-RI-TEZ
electronic feedback signal
connections to electric power, electronic signals and fieldbus

A variety of motion cycles may be easily set:
slave controller: the servoactuator precisely performs position, speed and acceleration, according to external reference signals, analog or digital
cycle controller: the servoactuator self manages the motion profile with combined position/speed/acceleration and optional force controls

TEZ servoproportional valves with integral driver & controller

Servoactuator for mould closing

Servoactuator for high frequency force/speed control

Parison servoactuators with digital controller & fieldbus   Electrohydraulic servoactuators with force/speed control by load cell (/SL option)