Customized power units are designed and supplied according to the
application through close cooperation with Scoda, a specialized sister company with 5000 m² facilities

ASH/ASM type

Vertical motorpump group with submersed pump for low noise
Qmax = 1000 l/min Pmax = 280 bar
Oil tanks up to 2000 lt
Electric motor up to 150 kW


Horizontal motorpump group over the tank for easy servicing
CNOMO Norms for Automotive sector
CE certification to norms 97/23/CE/PED for power unit accumulators

ASJ type

Horizontal motorpump group besides
the tank for big size units
Single or multiple pumps - fixed or
variable - vane, piston, gear
Customized blocks on/off and

ASF type

Power units integrated in the machine bed plate
Filtration on pressure or return lines from 3 to 25 μm
Heat exchangers water-oil or air-oil

Ex-proof / Stainless steel

Atex pumps, ex-proof components
and accessories
Full inoxidizable construction for aggressive environments and water base fluids