Atos grows in India
It is a great pleasure to announce that, after being present in India for 12 years with a Branch office, Atos has now created a full Indian Company: Atos India Hydraulics Private Limited.


100% digital electrohydraulics
The only range of proportional valves in the world entirely based on digital technology, at the same price of the analog ones


Digital servopumps
Atos axial piston pumps are engineered for high-pressure industrial applications with low noise level and long service life.


TEB digital servoproportionals
Basic TEB servoproportionals are designed to best suite axis position controls, featuring:
• digital high performances at competitive price


ZE open loop proportionals
All purpose ZE proportionals are the Atos solution for open loop electrohydraulic systems, featuring:
• competitive prices for high serial applications


High flow servoproportionals
New line of Atos 4-ways - 2 stages servoproportionals have double closed loop control on main stage & pilot valve and offer high dynamics performance for response time, hysteresis and repeatability.


420 bar electrohydraulics
Atos hydraulic components with 420 bar max pressure has been specifically developed for the heavy industry (i.e. Forging, Presses) to allow the undersizing of the hydraulic system with cost ...


Atex certified hydraulic pumps
Atos pumps, PFEA vane and PVPCA piston, are certified for application in potentially explosive atmosphere according to ATEX 94/9/CE - protection mode Ex II 2/2 GD cbk IIC T6


Open-loop proportionals
Full range of open-loop proportional valves, including:
• high performances ZO proportional valves with integral digital AES driver
• ZE proportional valves with optional plug-in E-MI-AS digital driver


Servoproportionals with on-board axis card
New TEZ servoproportionals - size 06 & 10 - include digital electronic for closed-loop driver & axis controller. They improve motion performance, simplify the automation architecture and may be ...


Servoproportionals - size 06 & 10
New TES servoproportionals have integral digital driver designed for fine closed loop control of the valve regulation... at the top of proportional lines.


Digital drivers - plug-in mounting
New E-MI-AS are designed to drive directional, flow or pressure proportional valves with the advantages of digital technology within the small dimension of the new IP65 plastic box.


Digital drivers - DIN rail mounting
New E-BM-AS are designed to drive directional, flow or pressure proportional valves without transducer, with the advantages of digital technology in terms of programmability and flexibility.


SWC 3D Cylinders Designer
SWC is a smart software for fast and efficient design of Atos hydraulic Cylinders & Servocylinders, available for download at


2014 electrohydraulics handbook
KS 2014 revised edition of Atos condensed catalog - 44 pages 15 x 21 cm - offers updated basic info on main electrohydraulic components.


ISO 6020-1 Stainless steel cylinders
CNX hydraulic cylinders are manufactured with selected stainless steels to grant a corrosion resistance up to 1000h in neutral salt spray ambient and to operate at 200 bar max working pressure.


Cylinders for hazardous environments
Atos range of cylinders includes CKA execution, ATEX certified to Ex II 2 GD ck IIC T6 (T85°C) against the risk of explosion in hazardous atmospheres typical of oil&gas plants, foundries, mining, chemical plants, etc.


Parison servoactuators
Parison controls are commonly used in modern blow moulding machines to obtain accurate hollow wall-thickness profiles necessary to manufacture plastic containers with complex and precise shapes.


ECP Corrosion Protection
Electrohydraulics applications require rugged surface protection against in field aggressive environments and extreme conditions. Atos R&D dept. has designed the innovative E.C.P. (Enhanced Corrosion Protection) for the whole range of ...


500 bar - radial piston pumps
Atos PFR are fixed displacement radial piston pumps for high pressure applications. They are characterized by the positive drive of pistons (without return spring), widely tested for high performance, extra-long service life...


Electrohydraulic servoactuators
Atos digital servoactuators are smart machine’s elements providing position closed loop control for any hydraulic axis with optional alternated position and pressure/force controls.


3-way servoproportional cartridges
Sizes 16÷80 servocartridges - 420 bar max P, 5.000 l/min max Q - are widely used in Plastic injection, Blow moulding, Ceramics, Punching & Nibbling machines, Die casting, Foundry and Steel industry.


Ex-proof “stainless steel” valves
Atos ex-proof stainless steel valves grant top reliability and performances in extreme corrosive environments, at low ambient temperature up to -60°C and in application making use of water based fluids and pure water as well.


Intrinsically safe valves
Intrinsically safe electrohydraulics is currently used in FPSO vessels (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading), LNG carriers, mining and in every typical applications in intrinsic safety areas.


Safety valves
Atos safety valves include an electrical on-off output to detect the position of the spool or poppet of the valve and thus its hydraulic status.


Digital pressure controls
Atos proportional pressure control valves and ISO cartridges integrate a pressure transducer to offer superior performances for hysteresis, response time, linearity and stability.