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Electrohydraulic components

Digital proportionals

Atos proportionals are a full, modular, flexible line of valves to control flow, pressure, direction in association with proper electronic drivers and axis controllers. Full set of interchangeable spools with progressive, linear, differential characteristics and various sizes.
Excellent performances for response time, hysteresis, repeatibility.

flow control, size 06, open-loop + new plug-in digital driver with infrared setting interface

directional valve, size 10, open-loop, with integral high performance electronics

pressure control, size 25, closed-loop by integral pressure transducer & digital driver

servoproportional valve, size 16, 2-stage and double closed-loop driver, for high dynamics

On board electronics

digital electrohydraulics with on board electronics introduce new funcionalities and distributed intelligence within the conventional control architectures, integrating several logics and functions thus making feasible and inexpensive its introduction in the hydraulic system

  • better performances: hysteresis, response time, linearity and stability
  • easy & repeatitive numerical software setting of scale, bias, ramps
  • additional settings: compensation of valve's non-linearities, dynamic performances, fail safe configuration, etc.
  • diagnostics and PC assisted maintenance of systems
  • direct interfacing to field-bus networks
  • optional combined pressure/flow or force/flow controls
Pressure/Flow combined controls

smart combination of pressure & flow alternated controls for any electrohydraulic axis.
This simple solution adds a pressure control, closed-loop, to the basic functions of proportional directional valves or cartridges.
Photo at side shows a proportional valve with P/Q combined control.