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Advanced technology

Electronics for hydraulics

Atos electronics includes analog and digital drivers for proportional components plus digital controllers to manage the closed-loop control of position, speed and/or force.

Digital control

A new generation of digital electronics is the remarkable results of a specific 5-years R&D project.
Digital electronics add valuable plus:

  • better performances: hysteresys, response time, linearity
  • software setting of hydraulic parameters: scale, bias, ramps, non-linearities
  • diagnostics and computer assisted maintenance
  • optional alternated P/Q control for valves and pumps
Integral electronics

Electronic drivers and digital axis controls may be integrated on proportional valves. Integral electronics, factory preset, ensures fine functionality plus valve-to-valve interchangeability and simplify installation wiring and system set-up.

Axis motion controllers

New Atos digital axis motion controllers can be easily configured and PC programmed to manage position, velocity and force of single/multiple electrohydraulic axes.

See Digital Electronics

Fieldbus networks

Atos electrohydraulics may be integrated in fieldbus like CANopen, PROFIBUS DP and Ethernet to allow easier wiring connection in multi-axis systems plus fault-diagnostics and high immunity to electromagnetic noise.