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Advanced technology


Atos advanced technology emerges on components design, product engineering, production methods & quality, system application.


Hydraulics transfers energy and controls the machine movements through the flow of mineral or synthetic fluids: great force and power can be applied safely in any environment

Electrohydraulics adds to the peculiarities of hydraulics the great control benefits offered by electronics, enabling fast, smooth and accurate movements.

Electrohydraulics versus electromechanics offers: intrinsic overload protection - automatic force adaption - self lubrication of the system - fast operating response - high power density - energy storage capability - stepless variation in speed & forces - long service life and high reliability - easy programmability

A modular & consistent line

Atos hydraulic and electronic components are designed and manufactured to obtain full consistency through a modular “meccano” concept by using a limited number of fully tested parts.

Most hydraulic components have cartridge design cartridge & modular concept means high versatility in systems assembly and easy service in the field.

Components conform to international standards (ISO, DIN, SAE, etc.) for dimensions and quality assurance and to European Directives for CE safety requirements.



Digital servoproportionals

Atos, a leader in pioneering electrohydraulics, offers today one of the most advanced lines of proportional valves which allows similar or better performances in comparison with servovalves whilst maintaining the typical benefits of proportional electrohydraulics: less sensitivity, coarser filtration requirements, intrinsic stability, easier servicing and lower cost.

New digital servoproportionals are performing in thousands advanced applications: spool-sleeve accurated operation, closed-loop integral electronics, high response (see diagrams) with excellent reliability... at the top of proportional lines.