Functional safety in electrohydraulics
Atos is the only worldwide manufacturer offering a full range of proportional and conventional valves designed for functional safety and certified by a notified body.


Electrohydraulics for "pitch control"
The worldwide growing demand for clean and renewable energy sources constantly increases the general focus on Green Power. Wind turbines, together with solar power plants, are nowadays the most developed solution where...


Electrohydraulics for MOSE project in Venice
The famous city of Venice is under serious threat due to the rise in sea level and sinking of land at an alarming rate. A defense system, called MOSE, has been designed to prevent the recurring flooding of sea water...


Hydraulic systems for jacking
The transfer and jacking of vessels, oil platforms, drilling mud tanks etc demands compact and robust engineering solutions able to grant an easy integration even in spaces hard to reach as well as an high resistance to extreme ambient...


Electrohydraulic systems for foundry
High operating temperatures, non-stop production cycles and strong presence of fine siliceous powders make foundry one of the harshest and demanding working ambient of the industrial panorama. The latest developments in ...


Electrohydraulic systems for energy sector
The worldwide growing demand for power generation requires increased thermal and electrical efficiency, together with improved environmental protection and resources preservation. In order to accomplish these strict requirements...


Electrohydraulic systems for wood industry
The growing demands of top performances, improved production efficiency and long service life in the severe working conditions of wood processing plants have led the manufactures to adopt up-to-date drive technology.


“Energy saving” electrohydraulics
Energy efficiency improvement, mandatory requirement for modern machinery, has led to the development of new “energy saving” hydraulic solutions consisting of fixed displacement hydraulic pumps driven by an electric motor + inverter


Digital electrohydraulics for vessel controls
New naval solutions offer unmatched comfort and performances both at high speed vessel’s motion and at anchor. The picture shows the innovative JETFOIL by Rodriquez Cantieri Navali, a 37 meter long hydrofoil with...


Digital servoactuator for structural stress testing
Avionics, automotive, railway and marine are some of typical industries subject to more and more severe safety standards according to domestic and international legislation. In these sectors the prediction of reliability and service life is the...


Electrohydraulics for universal milling machines
Big machining centers and universal milling-boring machines have to be equipped with specific electrohydraulic systems to counterbalance the weight of the saddle and spindle during the vertical displacements, thus permitting the...


Force/Position control by new digital servoactuators
New digital servoactuators represent the electrohydraulics solution to the imperative demand for easier subsystems configuration, typical of modern machines manufacturers. They are smart actuators integrating many functions...


Ex-proof proportionals with "on-board" electronics
Oil & Gas, Energy industry, Chemical plants and Mining are subject to international laws for each classified hazardous areas according to International safety prescriptions. Atos has recently widened its comprehensive range ...


Digital "P/Q" control for high dynamic presses
Innovative digital P/Q controls can be coupled to any size of the whole range of Atos proportional directional valves and cartridges to perfectly suit, with best accuracy and dynamics, the injection and mould controls of plastic and ...


Marine electrohydraulics
Atos "marine" electrohydraulic line is specifically designed and currently supplied for thousands naval and offshore applications, with possible "naval certifications" from ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, Rina, etc....


Digital servocartridges for die-casting
Die casting is an efficient and competitive process offering a broad range of light alloy products for automotive industry and for a variety of applications such as office machines, notebooks, cell phones.


New “water” electrohydraulics
Water electrohydraulics is the fluid motion technology based on uninflammable, eco-compatible and non toxic fluids as 100% pure tap water or specific HFC and HFA oil-in water emulsions with minimum 80% water.


Electrohydraulics for bending presses
Atos standard blocks for Torque bar and CNC press brake have been developed in cooperation with leading OEMs to obtain high performances in a compact solution for modern bending presses.


Electrohydraulics in entertainment park
Atos high performance servoactuators are widely and successfully used in virtual reality simulators for the generation of the high dynamics and smooth motion profiles, required to create exciting experiences for the visitors of a...


Digital Electrohydraulics for Plastics
The booming demand of new plastic products with thin-wall, accurate tolerances and new compounds, has involved performances and dynamics improvements in plastic machinery.