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Atos grows in India

July 2018

Atos is proud to announce the official opening of Atos India Hydraulics Private Limited, with a totally new 1000 sqm facility in Ahmedabad.

After being present in India for 12 years with a Branch office, this new Indian Company will significantly increase the level of service to customers, thanks to:

  • advanced testing bench, for service and repairing activities
  • wide stock of components available with short deliveries
  • extended skilled team with competent technicians and back office, in addition to experienced regional sales managers in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Pune.

Atos looks forward to growing together with its customers and partners over the next years in India.

Safety proportional valves certified by TÜV

June 2018

Atos is the unique worldwide manufacturer offering digital proportionals for functional safety, certified by a notified body! The full range of direct and pilot operated directional valves is certified in compliance to ISO 13849 up to category 4, PL e and IEC 61508 up to SIL 2/SIL 3.

Proportional directional valves with option /U have separate power supply for electronics and coils. The safe condition is ensured by simply cutting the electrical supply to the coils, while electronics remains active for monitoring functions and fieldbus communication.

During 2018 the safety proportional range will be further enlarged, with the introduction of the new option /K that performs safety function through on/off signals. Upon a valve disable command, the driver internal circuit checks the spool position, providing a safety feedback signal to the machine control unit to state that the valve is in safe conditions.

Ex-proof digital proportionals

June 2018

We are working hard to renovate the whole range of Ex-proof digital valves with on-board electronics. New Ex-proof directional, flow and pressure proportionals will be ATEX and IECEx certified. They will provide the same features of running series of standard digital proportionals, such as USB port for programming and diagnostics, wide range of industrial Ethernet communications, plus P/Q and axis controls.

New Ex-proof digital proportionals will available in Q4/2018.

JO- DL leak-free cartridges

June 2018

The new series of JO-DL cartridges are mechanically and electrically interchangeable with current ones. They improve the max performance up to 300 l/min.

The new valves are available in sizes 4, 6 and 10, with NO/NC configuration or FV safety certified with inductive sensor. The series supply will start from September ’18. Price List remains unchanged. Technical table EY105

Low Leakage solenoid valves

June 2018

The "L8" range of solenoid directional valves is characterized by very low internal leakage, particularly appreciated in applications with long non-operating phases, such as valves controlling emergency operations hydraulically fed by accumulators.

The specific design minimize the valve’s internal leakage at values lower than 10 cc/min at 200 bar :
SDHL8 tech table TE050
DHAL8 ex-proof and DHWL8 intrinsically safe, tech table TEX050

Digital proportional for machine tools

June 2018

Atos digital proportionals with alternated speed/force control are successfully applied in machine tools for best clamping control! The clamping force is controlled by Atos digital valve both for speed and max force, according to the characteristics of the product and the material. The machine control unit commands the digital valve by fieldbus and exchanges diagnostics information in real time, to manage the machine tool safety functions.

This solution improves the machine flexibility and efficiency, replacing modular on-off systems that requires significant machine down-time, due to manual adjustments.

Atos solutions for wind generators

June 2018

Atos high performance digital servoproportionals are the preferred choice of wind turbine manufacturers worldwide for pitch control, with more than 15.000 valves in operation! Wind generators operate in harsh environmental conditions, often characterized by low temperatures, high humidity and vibrations. Pitch control represent the “core” of any wind generator requiring a smooth and high dynamics regulation of the turbine’s blades angle.

The extensive use of Atos valves in wind sector confirms the high reliability and performance level of our products.

Servocylinders for entertainment

June 2018

Atos servocylinders plus digital servoproportionals are widely used in the last generation of entertainment simulators to perform exciting accelerations up to 1G. They have special construction with two opposing rods with independent movements, each one connected to a magnetostrictive transducer, in order to fulfill the high dynamics motion profiles required by these applications.

Additional proximity sensors and safety certified shut-off valves, grant the highest safety level.

Atos corporate video

June 2018

Atos is proud to present its new corporate video! It resumes our vision and strategy: innovation and technology of a multinational company coupled to Italian creativity and customer care. Atos Managers, Employees and Workers are the “guest stars”: over 600 professionals sharing a common vision with great passion.

Watch it in English, Italian or Chinese on Atos YouTube channel!

Atos attended Hannover Messe 2018

May 2018

Also this year, in April, Atos took part in Hannover Messe, the most important appointment for hydraulics: the new range of safety proportionals was previewed worldwide in an elegant and innovative booth of 78sqm. The next appointment is for 1st April 2019.

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