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KTW Stainless Steel catalog

September 2020

The new KTW master catalog for Atos Stainless steel valves and cylinders is now available, with 100 pages and 16 technical tables!

Atos offers the widest range of standard stainless steel hydraulic components. The Stainless steel line provides the highest resistance to corrosive environments and fluids, while BBT execution ensures compatibility with polar temperatures up -60 °C.

They can be supplied with ATEX, IECEx, EAC, PESO or cULus certifications for gas II2G, dust II2D.

Book your printed copies of KTW catalog or download here


New Atos R&D department

September 2020

Atos never stops investing: a new wider and completely renovated R&D department has been recently inaugurated in the headquarter.

A dedicated area of 1.500 sqm - three times larger than previous one – has been equipped with new fully automated machines for extreme environments simulation tests, new testing benches and a new enlarged endurance testing room, to ensure even more innovation and quality.


New TID proportionals

September 2020

Atos extends the range of high performance TID executions, to the whole range of ZE proportional directional valves!
Now available up to size 32, permitting to satisfy applications with max flow up to 1600 l/min.

They are equipped with ZE solenoids, LVDT transducer and on-board electronics derived from TEB drivers:

  • Positive overlap spools
  • Voltage analog commands
  • USB port for programming and diagnostic
  • Alarms history permanent storage
  • Internal oscilloscope

A new performing and cost effective solution in order to challenge specific high volumes competitive sectors with demanding applications.
Contact us for additional information.

New piloted valves DPZE-A

September 2020

Atos presents the new DPZE-A proportional directional valve without transducer, equipped with ZE solenoids:

  • ISO sizes 10 ÷ 32
  • Positive overlap spools
  • cURus certified solenoids
  • DIN, AMP, Deutsch or Lead wire connections

They integrate the current DPZO-A range to challenge cost sensitive applications. For additional information consult technical table TF170


Cylinders for off-shore applications

September 2020

Rugged design plus specific materials and treatments are fundamental in off-shore installation, to grant high performance and long life in salty environments.

Atos cylinders meet these demanding requirements, thanks to:

  • cylinder rod with nickel-chromium or HVOF coating for high resistance to corrosion and wearing
  • body and heads with marine painting class C5 ISO-12944 ensures up to 1000h in Neutral Salt Spray
  • special seals for aggressive fluids with temperature range -40/+120°C, grant extended working life even in harsh conditions

Cylinders for naval/off-shore applications are certified by Marine Register.

As usual, our specialists are available to give the best support in the engineering of specific solutions.
Contact us for additional information


Follow us on Linkedin

September 2020

Keep in touch with us, join Atos Group page on Linkedin to stay updated on Atos world and news.

Follow us at www.linkedin.com/company/atosgroup




July 2020

Dear partners, we are glad to present you our updated organization after the last years acquisitions:

5 Atos’s divisions: Valves, Electronics, Cylinders, Filters and Systems
6 Atos’s branches: Shanghai, India, North America, South America, Russia, Korea
Perucchini: full shell moulding foundry for high precision castings
TAA: fittings, valves and fuel rails
Atos Induction: innovative middle power inductive heating systems
Trivi: complete systems for the food processing industry

Atos is today an international Group operating in more than 80 countries in the world, with 9 production sites and over 750 professionals, driven by common values of Responsibility, Excellence, Innovation and Passion.


KTW stainless steel catalog coming soon

July 2020

Atos is the only worldwide player offering a range of standard stainless steel hydraulic components, which provide the highest resistance for corrosive environments and fluids, also available with ex-proof certification for hazardous environments and with BBT execution for polar temperatures (-60 °C).

The new KTW master catalog is going to be printed and will be available in September, with 100 pages and 16 technical tables!

For more detailed technical info you can visit “Products / Ex-proof & Stainless steel” section at www.atos.com.


Atos Shanghai among high-tech enterprises

July 2020

Atos Shanghai has been recognized by ‘Shanghai Science & Technology Committee’ as High-Tech Enterprise: a milestone achieved with several years spent in R&D with over 15 patents recognized for hydraulics components and applications.

A great results, as a consequence of our constant commitment to continuously improve and innovate. Congratulations to our Chinese colleagues!


Actuator groups for special applications

July 2020

High dynamics and precise force control are fundamental in modern machines to obtain high quality products.

Atos actuator groups are high end solutions with integrated control block, to ensures the best stiffness, and built-in magneto-strictive transducers to allow closed loop controls at high speed (>4 m/s).

Their rugged construction, for pressures over 250 bar, allows to reduce the overall dimensions. Customized seals and rod guides grant the lowest friction during motion control and ensure energy saving.

As usual, our specialists are available to give the best support in the engineering of specific solutions. Contact us for additional information.


Big sizes safety cartridges range extension

July 2020

New ISO safety cartridges LIDA/FI and LIDASH/FI, equipped with inductive proximity sensor, are now available also in sizes 63, 80 and 100 with high flow rate, up to 6.000 l/min @ ∆p 5 bar, Pmax 420 bar.

They are certified by TÜV according to Machine directive 2006/42/EC.

LIDASH cartridges have leak free features, particularly appreciated in big size vertical presses. Consult technical table TEY120 for additional information



May 2020

Proud to be Atos: never stopped and now full operating!

In Atos, we have always been used to facing complicated challenges with smart determination, even during the emergency of this year we have not been less

We have continued, although in a reduced number and respecting all the safety standards imposed, to produce for essential supply chains customers

In these months of uncertainty and precariousness we moved forward thanks to a collective effort: by employees, suppliers and customers. Until the emergency is completely gone, we will continue to spend resources for the health and protection of the company population and to adhere to initiatives such as #paysuppliers, going even further, anticipating payment terms to our partners

An act of courage from whole Atos’ organization, worldwide, guided by our values of responsibility, excellence, innovation and passion that make us feel joint as a real family

From 4 May we returned to full operation with the strength and determination we always had, but above all with the confidence to get out of the global emergency soon together with all of you


Smart tuning: valve dynamic response selection

May 2020

A new function for an easier valve commissioning!

The multiple dynamic configuration allows Atos proportionals to adapt their functional characteristics to any application or specific phase of a working cycle, thus simplifying the system start up:

DYNAMIC: fast response time and high sensitivity for best dynamic performances. Default factory setting

BALANCED: average response time and sensitivity suitable for most applications

SMOOTH: attenuated response time and sensitivity to improve control stability in critical applications or in environments with electrical disturbances

This new functionality will be introduced in production from June, initially for direct operated servoproportional & high performance directionals with on-board electronics and will be extended also to piloted executions until last quarter of 2020

For additional information consult technical tables: FS165, FS168, FS180, FS610, FS620


Atos protagonist of IFPE 2020 with “Cirque du Soleil” action stage

May 2020

Atos tooks part to the main international event in the US for the fluid power industry with a new stand design, exploiting our innovative range of safety certified proportional valves and Ex-proof digital servoproportionals

During IFPE fair, our customers were provided with a unique opportunity to view Atos proportional valves in action during “KA” show of Cirque du Soleil

The major feature of the show is a unique moving performance stage weighing over 37 tons! Atos LIQZP servocartridges provide the high flow and precise control necessary to tilt and rotate this stage throughout the performance. The event, hosted by ATOS, included special backstage access to see the hydraulic system


PESO certificate update

May 2020

Atos has achieved the renewal of Indian PESO certification for the whole range of ex-proof on-off and proportional valves without on-board electronics, according to the latest issues of international standards

The PESO certificate reference number will be introduced to the nameplate of ATEX, IECEx, EAC, PESO multi-certified ex-proof solenoid starting from June

The certificate is available at www.atos.com/online/certificates


New releases of Atos programming software

May 2020

E-SW 8.9 & Z-SW 3.5 software will be available from the end of May with a totally renovated graphics, always keeping its “user friendly” concept without therefore changing its structure and functions

These new releases of programming software will include the new digital products and options, available from June:

  • DIN-rail drivers E-BM-TID/LID
  • servoproportional & high performance directional valves with SMART TUNING functionality

The software registered users will receive an email when the new releases will be available for download


Visual indicator for in line filters

May 2020

New visual differential clogging indicator for FPS & FPH in line filters is a simple and cost effective solution respect to the electrical version. Available for filters with or without bypass valve

Consult technical tables LF020, LF030 and LF040 for additional information


KTI Industrial catalog

February 2020

The new KTI catalog for Atos Industrial valves, drivers and pumps is now available with 908 pages and 131 technical tables, collected in 4 main sections: 

  • Proportional valves
  • Axis & P/Q control
  • On-off valves
  • Pumps

We remind you that for the Atos Cylinders and Filters products we have separate dedicated catalogs: KTC & KTF.

Book your printed copies of KTI catalog or download here


DHL solenoid valves – size 06

February 2020

The production of new compact DHL valves will start on March!!!

They are the ideal solution for a large number of applications in mobile and industrial sectors, with performances at top of the class:

Max flow up to 60 l/min @ 350 bar

DHL solenoid valves will gradually replace DHI ones, which will pass in phase out status from 2021

Consult technical table E018 for further information.


Atos at IFPE 2020

February 2020

The main international event in the US for the fluid power industry with more than 120.000 visitors and 400 exhibitors. Atos will take part with an appealing stand, showing our innovative range of safety certified proportional valves and Ex-proof digital servoproportionals.

We are pleased to invite you to visit our stand at IFPE 2020 Las Vegas, South Hall 3, Booth S83359 from 10 to 15 March.

If you still need to register for IFPE 2020 please feel free to use the appropriate PROMO code below for discount:

  • Customers EXpjstg4CST
  • Dealers EXpjstg4DLR


DIN-rail driver E-BM-TID/LID

February 2020

New digital electronics designed to drive directional & flow proportional valves with LVDT transducers, direct or pilot operated. This off-board driver in DIN-rail format is suitable for cabinet installation in case of critical environment, temperature or vibrations.

New E-BM-TID/LID drivers will available for sampling from April.
It also replaces the obsolete E-ME-T/L analog Eurocard execution.

Consult technical table GS235 for further information.


Bluetooth adapter’s certificates extension

February 2020

Starting from April Bluetooth adapters will be available with new certifications extension for China (SRRC), Japan (MIC), India (BIS) and Korea (KC), in addition to the ones already available for Europe (RED), USA (FCC), Canada (ISED).

We remind you that Bluetooth adapters are an alternative to the USB cable connection for digital proportionals, to permit wireless communication between PC and digital valves.

Consult technical table GS500 for additional information.


SC LIR cartridges range extension

February 2020

High flow leak free ISO cartridges SC LIR are now available up to size 100, extending their application field to big machines and hydraulic systems with flow rates up to 9.000 l/min.

The “gasket” construction makes them the ideal solution for applications requiring leak-free features, like hydraulic circuits with accumulators or with vertical loads.

Consult technical table TH030 for additional information.