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Atos hydraulic filters

After 60 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a full range of high performances electrohydraulic products and systems:
Digital proportionals & Electronics, Conventional valves, Cylinders and Servoactuators

We have now decided to exploit our strong know how in the development of a new range of first class hydraulic filters, equipped with high efficiency filtering elements, engineered with inorganic microfibres to ensure β×(c) > 1000 for all filtration ratings.

In line hydraulic filters with threaded or SAE flanged ports:

  • ​​​​max flow 340 l/min
  • max pressure 420 bar
  • filtration rating 4.5, 7, 12 µm(c)

Return line hydraulic filters, tank top, with threaded ports:

  • max flow 550 l/min
  • max pressure 8 bar
  • filtration rating 12, 27 µm(c)

The new Atos hydraulic filters have been specifically designed to enlarge and complete the Atos products portfolio, granting best fluid contamination levels in modern automation systems realized with proportional electrohydraulics

Source: RL102