New "water" electrohydraulics

for high performances green applications

Water electrohydraulics is the fluid motion technology based on uninflammable, eco-compatible and non toxic fluids as 100% pure tap water or specific HFC and HFA oil-in water emulsions with minimum 80% water.

Atos has developed a broad range of stainless steel valves with ISO 4401 subplate mounting for compact system design and an easier assembling and maintenance.

Directional solenoid valves, modulars and proportionals are strictly derived from Atos standard range of industrial oil hydraulics valves (over 75% of component parts are standard) to grant superior functional performances, and expected life over 10 million cycles.

Stainless steel solenoids valves are also available in explosion proof construction with multiple certification according to European 2014/34/EU, International IECEx and Eurasian EAC. They are also available with CULUS certification for North American standards.

Stainless steel cylinders - round heads with counterflanges - conform to ISO 6020/1 and are available in a wide range of sizes and options including magnetostrictive, potentiometric and inductive built-in rod position transducers.

Atos stainless electrohydraulics perform high resistance in aggressive ambient (>1000 hours in neutral salt spray) and fully comply with the most severe water fluid critical issues:

  • ​​​​​​​quick oxidization of the hydraulic system
  • higher leakages rates due to the low water viscosity demanding more accurate coupling’s tolerances
  • higher fluid’s speed requiring special rugged and reinforced design to withstand the greater flow forces and the lower water lubrication properties.

Typical “water” hydraulic applications are steel industry, light alloy die castings, Oil&Gas applications according to API norms (American Petroleum Institutes), petrochemical plants and food industry; however thanks to its non-magnetic properties, the stainless steel can also be applied to specific military applications like submarine and minesweeper.

New stainless steel electrohydraulics is thus speeding up the diffusion of “water” hydraulics into motion control and automation markets.

Source: AS74