July 2022

Energy saving solutions for safer molds pre-heating operations

The cost of gas has constantly increased in last year, especially in Europe due to the running energetic crisis. MHB inductive heating blankets are the solutions to switch to electrical power drastically reducing the energy waste!

Atos Induction, specialist in induction heating, overcomes obsolete and unsafe techniques for molds pre-heating, offering a patented system based on energy saving inductive heating technology, which reduces warm-up time with a higher safety level respect conventional gas systems.

The mould pre-heating system consists of an MHB flat coil (blanket) and an ECT control trolley that powers the inductor and manages the heating process with automatic timed or thermoregulated control, without the need of the operator supervision: simply place the blanket in contact with the surface of the mold and start heating!

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Source: NW22-22