May 2022

Atos energy saving smart solutions

The cost of electricity has constantly increased in last year, especially in Europe due to the running energetic crisis. SSP servopumps and CHC inductive heating coils are the solutions to drastically reduce energy waste!

Indeed, servopumps deliver hydraulic power only in the quantity necessary to satisfy the work phase in progress, while inductive coils deliver power directly inside the material to be heated without wasting power in the external environment.

Let's compare the power consumption of these innovative solutions, taking as a reference typical cycle of 300 Ton plastic injection molding machine, assuming 250 days/year on three 8h working shifts: power consumption of SSP servopump is over 80% less respect fixed displacement pump, while for inductive heating coils is over 27% less respect resistive heating systems.
The combined use of these two systems leads to a total annual savings of 99 MWh.

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Source: NW22-13