January 2022

New 420 bar transducer with rugged design

The new main stage transducer with Pmax 420 bar and rugged design will equip all proportional pilot operated directional valves and cartridges!

LIQZP 2 and 3 way cartridges, sizes 16 ÷ 40, equipped with the new transducer increase Pmax up to 420 bar, taking place to current execution of LIQZO with Pmax 350 bar. While Pmax for DPZO remains unchanged.

The pre-series is now available for both DPZO valves and LIQZP cartridges, whereas the series production will start from mid-2022. Don’t hesitate to contact us to request technical tables of pilot operated valves and cartridges to book your samples!

Source: NW22-03