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Hydraulic force control for tyre industries

Servoactuators with on-board axis control to boost productivity and improving rubber quality

Productivity, quality and process repeatability are essential requirements of Banbury mixers for tyre manufacturers. Demanding requirements that can only be achieved through algorithms specifically designed for axis control with hydraulic force control limitation.

Hydraulic force control improves productivity of Banbury Mixers

The core machine in the processing of rubber compounds for tyre production is the mixer, also called Banbury Mixer
This machine is equipped with a pair of rotors with a specific shape, which mixes polymer materials under precise temperature and pressure conditions. The pressing arm is actuated by hydraulic cylinder, more commonly called RAM, acting directly in the mixing chamber to control compound volume and compression force.
The rubber mixing cycle needs very precise force control to produce a compound which has the correct physical characteristics to meet the performance requirements of the latest generation of tyres. To obtain a homogenous compound with specific characteristics, the process repeatability is essential, particularly during transitions between hydraulic force control and axis control of the RAM cylinders.
The dynamics and the accuracy of these smart algorithms, leads to reduced mixing times and better management of different compounds, thus resulting in a general improvement of the rubber process quality.
Servo actuator with Hydraulic force  control and axis control Servo actuator with Hydraulic force
control and axis control

Electrohydraulic solutions for Banbury Mixer Application: the Atos way

Atos has a long and successful track record of developing complete electrohydraulic system solutions for mixer control.
The Atos solution has been developed with the goal of minimizing downtime through advanced diagnostics combined with the proven reliability of the Atos valves, which are the results of years of research and long field experience.
The commitment of Atos R&D engineers is to meet the increasingly stringent demands of rubber technologists by optimizing the dynamics of the unique alternating hydraulic force control and axis control logics that govern the ram cylinders.
Digital driver technology enables customized settings for hydraulic force control and axis control, alarms history, and oscilloscope acquisition. Since all these functions can be managed remotely, Atos technicians have even successfully performed fine tuning and remote startup, of complex mixing systems to reducing commissioning time and costs significantly.
Atos is the preferred partner for tailored electrohydraulic solutions for Banbury Mixer, by providing a full range of servoproportional valves, safety valves and proven system monitoring logic, that satisfied the needs of tyre manufacturers worldwide.
Atos proportional axis control valve  with force control Atos proportional axis control valve
with force control

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