Atos is the only worldwide brand offering a full range of electrohydraulic safety certified components.


IEC 61508
& ISO 13849
Machine directive
PED directive

The certification of Atos safety components guarantees their compliance with safety norms and it proves that all requirements have been met for PED, SIL and PL related levels. Certified safety components simplify the machine design phase and the system certification process.

Safety proportionals

Safety proportionals

Directional valves conforming to Machine directive 2006/42/EC. Certified IEC 61508 up to SIL2 / SIL 3 and ISO 13849 up to category 4, PL e.

They meet these standards by performing the safety function in addition to standard valve or axis control.

Discover our direct and piloted executions with on-off acknowledge signals or separate power supply for electronics and coils.

Safety on off

Safety on-off valves and cartridges

With inductive safety sensor to monitor the spool or poppet position conforming to Machine directive 2006/42/EC.
Certified to ISO 13849 category 1, PL c.

Discover our valves and cartridges with contactless inductive position switch or proximity sensors.

Safety pressure

Safety pressure relief valves

Conforming to PED Directive 2014/88/EU. Factory pre-set at custom pressure value and sealed to avoid tampering.

Discover our valves designed to limit the max system pressure protecting the circuit from overpressure.

Safety servocylinders

Safety servocylinders

Equipped with magnetostrictive transducer certified IEC 61508 up to SIL2 and/or rod locking systems.

Atos specialists support customers in the selection of most suitable solution for any application.

Safety systems

Safety systems

Standard or customized power units and blocks, conform to CE regulations and certified to PED Directive 2014/88/EU or Machine directive 2006/42/EC.

Atos specialists are available and ready to support customers in the tuning of the best safety electrohydraulics solution.