About Atos

Our mission

We believe in the value of technology and we are constantly searching for
innovation and quality thanks to our people’s value.


Atos Group

We are a Group operating in more than 80 countries, with over 750 professionals who share the same passion for innovation, technology and creativity.

About Us Smart

The Smart Electroydraulics

Our vision

For Atos, being Smart means courage and determination to define new standards of excellence. Smart Electrohydraulics is our response to the everchanging market, a commitment we pursue with a unique approach in which every process is analyzed and optimized: from research to design, from production to delivery, up to after-sales service.

About Us Where we Are

Where we are

The strenght of cooperation

We have a network widespread in four continents, with production sites in Italy, China, India and North America. The ability to interpret customer needs is our strength and has allowed us to transform commercial relationships into real partnerships.


The Atos way

The winning mix

Atos offers a unique and winning mix with the organization and methods of a multinational combined with the flexibility, responsiveness, service and customer focus, typical of a private company.



Working together with passion and creativity

There are 4 values that represent us and drive our daily actions:
Responsibility, Excellence, Innovation and Passion. At Atos we offer continuous training opportunities, pleasant work environments and we always strive to enhance a balance between the work and the private life of our employees.



Born in 1957 from the concept of Luciano Crespi, with more than 60 years of experience, we have written the history of electrohydraulic.