December 2021

New high flow safety cartridges

ISO safety cartridges LIDA/FV and LIDAH/FV size 16÷50 are now equipped with new high flow poppet, increasing the flow capability up to 2.200 l/min @ ∆p 5 bar. The pre-series will be available by the end of Q1/2022, while series production will start in Q3/2022.

We remind you that LIDA safety cartridge range also includes high flow LIDA/FI sizes 63÷100, with maximum flow rate up to 6.300 l/min @ ∆p 5 bar, which are already available.

Atos safety cartridges are designed for pressure up to 420 bar and certified by TÜV according to Machine directive 2006/42/EC in order to fulfill any demanding application in the heavy industry.

Consult technical tables EY120 for additional information and contact us for samples availability.

Source: NW21-30