November 2021

SSP Smart ServoPumps with p/Q control

5 years of intensive R&D activities shaped a new high performance & energy saving solution:

  • Smart start-up to quick perform commissioning & autotuning
  • P/Q smart control to boost hydraulic actuators performance
  • Multiple axis management to real-time select the optimal configuration of the axis to be controlled
  • Smart cooling to prevent pump overheating during extended phases of static pressure control
  • Industry 4.0 connectivity to grant real time access to configurations & diagnostics
  • Sizing software to quick dimension the best servopump for your needs

Designed to efficiently and accurately deliver hydraulic power, only when required and in the quantity necessary to satisfy the work phase in progress. Compared to systems that rely on a fixed displacement pump, SSP Smart ServoPumps provide an energy saving of 60 ÷ 80%, according to the machine cycle.

Download TSSP21 brochure for a complete overview.

Source: NW21-26