March 2021

Smart tuning

The innovative functionality Smart tuning is now available also for DPZO piloted proportionals with on-board electronics LEB / LES / LEZ!

We remind that Smart tuning consists in multiple dynamic configuration that allows Atos proportionals to adapt their functional characteristics to any application or specific phase of the working cycle, thus simplifying the system start up:
Dynamic: fast response time and high sensitivity for best dynamic performances. This is the default setting, and it corresponds to the current configuration of the valves with on-board electronics LEB / LES / LEZ. 
Balanced: average response time and sensitivity suitable for several not particularly demanding applications
Smooth: attenuated response time and sensitivity to improve control stability in critical applications or in environments with electrical disturbances

The desired Smart tuning set can be selected via Atos software or fieldbus. The selection via fieldbus can be operated in real time during the valve working, then permitting to optimize the dynamic response in different phases of the working cycle.
The valve’s dynamic response can be further customized, directly tuning each single PID parameter.

Source: NW21-02