January 2023

Atos Shanghai product range moves to digital proportionals!

Atos Shanghai extends its product range by including now also the high performance directional proportionals with on-board TID digital electronics.

They are performing solutions, in order to deal the demanding applications of Asian markets equipped with ZE solenoids, LVDT transducer and on-board electronics:

  • SDHZE-TID size 6 & SDKZE-TID size 10
  • SDPLZE-TID sizes 16 ÷ 25, Pmax 280 bar
  • SDPZE-TID sizes 16 ÷ 32, Pmax 350 bar
Available into Atos SH range from March 2023, consult technical tables FS150/SH, FS155/SH, FS158/SH for additional information.

Source: NW23-47